canis_australis (canis_australis) wrote,

Летние стихи на английском

Bind my hair with your fingers
I want to keep it with me
Like the railways 's noise
Like a quiet sea breeze
Like all the words broken in pieses
that we have never told 

And I've been missing you Long time ago,
before I recognize your name
Before we're all get old and born again
Before we learned to live among

Stay in my heart like a willow branch
That remains on the river bank
For many handred years
And every summer draws the circles
And maby writes the secret letters
To someone from its past
And Every sommer children comes 
To the river bank
They will polish tree trunks
By theirs lifes groes into every one of us

And like that eternal boys and girls
Be my upstreirs, wind in my hairs
Be the heat in my arms
And like my heart keep me alive
Be my hiding place, for I d never get realized
We're live among , we re love among
And die

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