canis_australis (canis_australis) wrote,

Am I a poet

Adoulthood - and you don't wait any gifts
And sunrise is only a sign to wake up
You meeting Christmas like blind pony near the park
And measure on a dark circle the holydays
Like you never could choose any another ways

When the new days is not an adventures
And you have no power for dreaming at night
And meeting new people means disappointing
That runs through your veins and becoming a sadness
Whith voices that whispers or furiosusly screams

The world - recognized
And there is no fear to
And people are clear like accounting of months
But you feel more and more that you are a prisoner
And waiting for explainations
Who is the fool and who is the genius
And what is the universe's  law

The fates interwoven
By games of a dreamers
Whith more unspoken words more anxious feels
And you trying to find losted hope in the fields
In the wind through your hairs
In the meaning of living
That hiding in somebody 's face

You're an adult, you're young you are dirty
And pure, and so fresh and then tired and sad
You're broken, intelligent, monk you're a poet
You're scholar, you're addict, you're greedy, you're bad
You're all of theese humans,  you're me, you are stranger
And all of your roles just a question of time
So let's feed blind pony and take her from here
To the place near the sea where grass is so wet

And aduolthood is smarter
And gifts - to another
And here is no time for being in sad
While day is around, you just can go further
While night is around, you can watching better
At someone who's face could give you more answers
That you couldn't imagine to ask

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